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Flat Track H-18, MC20, & MC32

All Mitas Flat Track tires will be back in stock at the end of March. 

The Mitas Dirt Track Tires have gone through an extreme amount of testing over the years in order to bring the Dirt Track community a Performace Driven Tire at an affordable price. Myself, Brad Baker, Scott Baker, Sammy Halbert, Mikey Rush, Robbie Pearson, John Kosinski & a handful of others have been testing, racing, & winning on these tires at a variety of race tracks through out the US.


General consensus is the Front tire out performs all other tires on all track surfaces. The Rear H-18 Soft Compound tire out performs all other tires on loose track, cushion type tracks. The Med Compound H-18 works well for twins on Cushion type tracks. The H-18's have a more rounded profile and a taller tread block to provide exceptional traction on entry & exit in loose track conditions. The Fronts are available in the Soft Compound, (Green Stripe). The rears are available in 3 compounds. Super Soft (Double Green Stripe) Soft (Green Stripe) & Medium (Red Stripe).

We have the MC20 Racing compound tires for the 50's & 65's in 10"& 12" sizes and have been using the MC32 Winter Scooter Tire for the 14" & 16" applications. They have been working very well


Street Tracker DOT approved Tubeless Tires are also available. They come in a Hard compound about 72-75 durometer and are built for street use. You may have seen some of these tires on RSD latest creations.



MC32 110/80-14 WIN SCOOT

MC32 110/80-14 WIN SCOOT

Mitas MC32 110/80-14 Winter Scooter Tire works great for Flat Tracking. V style pattern...


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MC32 120/80-16 WIN SCOOT

MC32 120/80-16 WIN SCOOT

Mitas MC32 120/80-16 Winter Scooter Tire works great for Flat Tracking. V style pattern...


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