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Ride Height Adjusters


DRP  introduces an innovative product that allows you to adjust your rear ride height without affecting the leverage ratio or changing your shock travel.


This product replaces the stock clevis or eyelet and can be installed without disassembling your shock on most applications. You must depressurize the shock and have the means to re-pressurize it with nitrogen after installation.


For most applications you can Raise or Lower your ride height by 1" or 25mm. Adjustment is done by the unique patented design that allows you to access the adjuster and change your ride height without removing your shock.


This product is great for tuning your chassis for any racing application as well as utilizing it to lower your bike for the trail.


Most all Grand National Riders say they won't ride a bike unless it has a Height Adjuster. They are the single most used tuning deivice used on the DTX OEM chassis bikes.


Davey has used this product to help dial in his chassis and add to his now 16 International Pikes Peak Hill Climb Championships..