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CRF250X Gel Seat Pad

Aaron S.
I purchased this to shave some seat height off a 2016 CRF250X. The seat pad and cover are of high quality. The cover is definitely stronger/better than stock. However, for aesthetics I decided to put the factory cover over the Durelle pad. I think it is good to know this is an option for those that want the factory look. The black cover doesn't look bad at all but I do wish there was an all red or black top/red side option with still keeping the carbon fiber design on the top of the Durelle cover. The Durelle seat has more padding towards the tank and the fender. The center part is lower and obviously wider feeling and so even though it reduces seat height by an inch the reduced reach doesn't quite feel an inch. It is a more comfortable seat when sitting and does help us shorter riders reach the ground. I'm glad this low seat pad exists and am happy with my purchase! Thanks!...

Conventional Forks Adjustable Triple Clamps

Michael Treiber

i´m looking for a adjustable Triple Tree for our R100RS BMW historic-racer. Just now we have a K75/K100 frontfork with 41mm dia in the cycle.
Do you have or can make some for us?

3.0 x 19 Clear Anodized Sun Rim Complete Rear Wheel

David Kiesow
Simply the best and strongest wheel I have ever used. No maintenance, no problems, exact fit with ever wheel and looks great as well. Finished 14 Grand National main eernts in 2012 with Jeffrey Carver Jr. #23 on our XR750. Dave Kiesow Kiesow Racing...