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Conventional Forks Adjustable Triple Clamps

Starting at: $729.95

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Click on Details to select Options: Choose Fork Tube Diameter, Bar Mounts, and height of the Bar Mount Bottoms. 

Fork Spread center to center is 7.750 or 196.85mm. Standard stem length is 7.125 bearing to bearing. If you require and different stem length add Custom Stem and then add the Bearing to Bearing dimension you need.

The number plate mounts are machined in the clamp and are threaded to 5/16 x 18. All clamps are Anodized black.

Please Note:  7/8 bar mounts are available in Low height only. 1 1/8 bar mounts are available in all three heights. Mount reducers are required if you want a Medium or Tall bottom for the 7/8 bars.

Torque Spec for Insert bolts is 8 ft/lb

Upper and Lower fork tube is 10 ft/lb


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